4 Alufelgen Alutec Toxic 7,5J x 16 für diverse Mercedes & Audi

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4 Alufelgen Alutec Toxic 7,5J x 16 für diverse Mercedes & Audi


Ideal für Winterreifen.


Zum Verkauf kommen hier 4 Alutec Alufelgen Modell Toxic in der Größe 7,5J x 16 H2 ideal für Winterreifen. KBA Nr. 47942

Die Felgen sind für folgende Fahrzeuge zulässig.


Audi A4 B8, B81

Mercedes A-Klasse 168

Mercedes A-Klasse 169

Mercedes B-Klasse 245

Mercedes C-Klasse 204

Mercedes C-Klasse 204 Kombi

Mercedes E-Klasse 212 mit und ohne Luftfederung

Mercedes E-Klasse Coupe 212

Mercedes E-Klasse Coupe 207

Mercedes E-Klasse T-Modell 212 K mit und ohne Luftfederung

Mercedes S-Klasse 140

Mercedes S-Klasse 140 C

Mercedes S-Klasse 220

Mercedes V-Klasse 638/2

Mercedes Vito 638

Mercedes Vito 638/1


Die Felgen kommen selbstverständlich mit Gutachten. Um ihr Fahrzeug genau zu identifizieren können sie sich das Gutachen auch hier downloaden.




Da die Felgen zu sperrig sind kommt nur eine Abholung in Dinslaken in Betracht.


Kontakt bitte über PN

Maxxx17 Maxxx17

Well they look in good condition. I also recently bought myself brabus wheels and am very happy with the purchase. The set also included :

- Four BRABUS Monoblock Y BRABUS forged wheels with hubcaps and extras.

- Optional hubcaps and extras can be selected as part of the kit. If available, the configuration appears when you add the item to your cart.

Maxxx17 Maxxx17

I would also like to tell you about brabus wheels, if you are interested. Every car enthusiast knows the importance of wheels. They withstand serious static and dynamic loads and at the same time are an important part of the appearance of any model. At BRABUS, design and materials are constantly being researched, especially when it comes to AMG rims. Therefore, they are able to keep up with all the improvements made to the cars they are going to equip. The best rims for every model can do it all and are breathtaking even at first glance. So don't forget that they need to be upgraded just like other parts in the car.

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