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BMW M1 Performance V8 Active Sound for sale

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BMW M1 Performance V8 Active Sound


contact me: danio8522@gmail.com


Link to google drive with photos: https://drive.google.com/.../1BlzdDO_uwutwryTNF-s5zxUT2vuKFQ1W?...


The vehicle is intended for people who want to drive a M Performance sports vehicle with low fuel consumption and an economical dynamic engine


The vehicle offered is the only one produced


- 01/09/2019 - date of completion of reconstruction and renewal to the state on the day of production

- in addition to visible external work, the chassis has also been cleaned and secured using the vehicle manufacturer's technology and products

- due to the large number of additional components varnished and the final effect as well as the quality of the reconstruction, the varnish was replaced on the entire vehicle

- reconstruction of the vehicle made using original BMW parts, confirmation in the form of purchase documents


Essential equipment:

- individual anti-theft system, details after making a purchase of the vehicle

- a turbocharged diesel engine with the designation of the M series, not N, therefore it is the best trouble-free engine of this type created by BMW

- 7 speed manual transmission

- sports ventilated brakes on both axles

- adjustable front and rear axle suspension

- Active Sound system controlled from the center console, many sounds of large engines can be selected, the sound database can be updated

- stainless steel exhaust system

- red-blue strobes controlled from the center console

- automatic multi-zone ventilation with air conditioning

- additional heating system, it works before the engine reaches operating temperature

- radio, CD, AUX

- leather multifunction steering wheel

- originally tinted windows

- no model inscription

- armrest

- headlight washers

- rain sensor - automatic wipers, window fog sensor

- xenon and daytime running lights, manually or automatically controlled dusk sensor

- BMW 18 'alloy wheels with low profile tires

- electrically controlled and heated mirrors

- photochromatic self-darkening mirror

- headlining, side panels and Alcantara covers

- leather / fabric seats


The base of the vehicle is BMW e87 manufactured on 28.10.2004

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